Access to $1B Fund


Get access to our in-house $1B fund, which will help 250+ startups and companies.

A 6-Month Program


6-mo’s full of CEO and startup training, mentorship, and coaching from serial entrepreneurs and veteran investors.

Online & Remote Program


Regardless of where you are in the world, you can participate in the D369 Accelerator. We require no relocation and run our program entirely online.

Startup to Exit Roadmap 


Develop your startup and fundraising roadmap with our expert mentors and connect with our global community of founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

Advisors & Mentors


Our Mentors and Advisors represent the top 5% of entrepreneurs – IPOs, millions raised, M & A – they’ve done it all.

Community Access


An online community of like minded founders, investors, and mentors to learn from and build your network.

Group Accountability


Monthly group panel with likeminded entrepreneurs provide accountability to reach your goals.

Investor Office Hours


Our IR and Advisor teams host daily Q&A and Office Hour sessions with hundreds of investors and experts each month.

Investor Access


Get in front of 100’s of investors with a strong fundraising plan at our Demo Weeks and ongoing intros to investors throughout the program.